Lily Cole gets the last laugh

Most of us have finally realized that those that didn’t fit in so well in high school tend to rise like a Phoenix after graduation, while the bullies and plastics go on to live lives that seem less than fulfilling, thus proving the worth of 90s teen films after all.

Well, the legacy continues after world famous model Lily Cole has come forward admitting her less-than-ideal popularity status in school, sharing how she was teased, bullied and made fun of “ because of her lovely (and now trademark) red hair.

When I was younger, I definitely did [face anti-ginger prejudice], she recently admitted to Vogue UK.  As a child, all teasing hurts whether it’s because you’re fat or a different race or have red hair. . . . I sympathise with children who are going through it, but when they get older and are away from stupid children making comments, most people grow to love their red hair.

So now we can take solace in the fact that most of us weren’t alone “ because if supermodels can go through high school getting tormented, then it explains our own relative high school mishaps.  And with red hair being even more in-demand than ever, looks like Ms. Cole really got the last laugh.  

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