Emma Watson Is the New Face of Lancé´me

Emma Watson has come a long way from her breakout role in the Harry Potter series as frizzy-haired Hermione. Now 20, Watson has grown to become a fashion and beauty icon – and the industry is taking note.

She recently collaborated with designer Alberta Ferretti to create an organic clothing line called Pure Threads. It’ll be available next week, starting March 21, on albertaferretti.com.

Now she’s playing with the beauty heavyweights as the newest face of Lancé´me.

Watson made the announcement via Twitter Monday morning after tweeting hints about her newest project this past weekend.

Her tweet hunt started Friday with: “A new venture is starting – what can it be? Follow my clues and you will see…”

And in rhyme, too! What an artiste.

Watson tweeted two couplets a day over the weekend, ending with Monday morning’s announcement: “It starts with an L and ends with an E. I’m sure you have guessed the new face of Lancé´me is me! :-)”

Watson is the youngest face of Lancé´me yet, joining the ranks of former Lancome ambassadors Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet and Anne Hathaway.

But by the sounds of Lancé´me’s confirming statement, Watson’s selection had little to do with age.

“Thanks to her charm, romanticism and her incredible modernity, Emma Watson has become the icon of her generation,” Lancé´me president Youcef Nabi said. “We are delighted by the new collaboration with Emma, who brings a fresh spirit to Lancé´me.”

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