Alexa Chung’s Book is NOT a Fashion Bible

We sing the praises of Alexa Chung constantly, so obviously we were psyched to learn that she’ll be putting out a book in the near future. However, that book is NOT a “fashion bible,” and Alexa has been very vocal about it.

“It’s basically a compendium of drawings and photographs, and I’m going to write about a bunch of stuff,” she told Fashionista. “It’s not like a style bible — which I keep reading it being reported as. It’s more like imagery that I find interesting and it’s going to have a sense of humour — [similar to] the things Rookie has done.”

Well alright, then! If that’s the case, it might be the perfect book for teenage girls, and not just those with a penchant for fashion. After all, Tavi Gevinson has done an amazing job combining fashion AND pop culture (as well as awesome advice and insight), so if she can do it, so can Ms. Chung. There can never be too many reads (says the writer who can’t stop buying books).

However, we still have a year. The book — to be released by Penguin — won’t hit shelves till September, so catch up on your reading until then.


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