The Best Date-Night Horror Movies

When October hits, there’s nothing better than a cozy night in. And what better movie to rent than a horror movie, as Halloween gets closer. After all, a scary movie is the perfect excuse to cuddle a little closer to your partner. Who else is going to protect you from the movie monsters? So grab a blanket and settle in to one of our favourite date night horror movies.

American Psycho
For people who prefer murderers to monsters, this movie is a staple. The movie is centered on a wealthy New York investment banker who doubles as a serial killer, and of course… murders people for fun.

Whether you watch the original 1978 version starring Jamie Lee Curtis, or the Rob Zombie version from 2007, this movie, about an institutionalized killer who escapes and stalks a nerdy teen and her friends, is sure to have you wrapped in your significant other’s arms.

28 Days Later
In case you are already preparing for the zombie apocalypse, pop this one in the DVD player. In this zombie thriller, a man wakes up in the hospital in London and finds out that a virus has turned people into flesh-eating monsters. While you’re watching, make a few survival plans of your own.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Another Halloween staple is Texas Chainsaw Massacre, because there is literally nothing scarier than Leatherface, especially when you remember part of the plot is based on real-life murderer Ed Gen.

Paranormal Activity
The simplest movies can sometimes be the scariest: case in point, Paranormal Activity. A couple sets of a camera to record evidence of the strange happenings while their sleeping, and what the end up with is terrifying. Better yet, rent all three and have a marathon to prepare for the fourth Paranormal Activity movie.

The Strangers
This movie starts out sweet, a young couple staying in a summer home after a wedding. But, it turns scary when the couple is terrorized by three masked strangers who break in simply because, they were home. Expect a loss of post-movie cuddling from this one.


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