Easy Exercises to Tone Your Arms

Even though it isn’t bikini-bearing weather anymore, doesn’t mean you should give up on those fitness goals you set for your self at the start of the summer.

Even under fall’s layers, fit arms are sexy arms.  That’s why when you think of celebrities who look healthy you think of Michelle Obama’s, Madonna’s and Gwyneth Paltrow’s tight and toned bodies.

Here are a few exercises to sculpt and tone your arms. You’ll need some light 3-5 lb dumbbells for these. For each exercise start with three sets of 10-15, and add a few more to your routine every week.

Push Ups
Yes, they are hard, and yes they are old school. But they work. And we can’t give you a list of arm toning exercises and not include them. 

Tricep Dips
These are a favourite in-front-of-the-TV exercise. Seat yourself on the edge of a chair or coffee table, or bed, and walk your feet out a bit then take your bum off the edge, holding yourself in place with your arms. Slowly lower your body so that your upper arms are parallel to the floor and come back up again. 

Lateral Raises
Hold a lightweight dumbbell in each hand by your sides. Keeping a slight bend in the arm, lift your arms up, parallel to the floor, but not higher than your shoulder. To work them extra hard, don’t allow your arms to return to a rest position (arms down by your sides where you started) instead stop them a few inches from rest.

Speedbag Punches with Weights
Holding your lightweight dumbbells in each hand, raise them above your head and punch as if you are punching a speed bag. Don’t let your elbows drop and you’ll feel this one in no time.

Plank Dumbbell Row (Bonus Ab Work)
Start in high plank position, with the lightweight dumbbells on the floor between your palms. Contract your core and glutes, and grab a dumbbell in one hand and lift it to your hip, bringing your elbow back, in what’s called a row. Put the dumbbell down and repeat with the other arm. Keep your abs tight and your back flat, just like if you were in plank at yoga, while you lift each weight.

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