Reasons We Couldn’t Date Don Draper

Sunday nights are usually a bit depressing (with thoughts of Monday morning looming). But the one thing that makes it more bearable is a weekly dose of chain-smokin’, womanizing, whisky-sipping Donald Draper on Mad Men. To make watching even more fun, we thought about what it would really be like to get involved with the creative head honcho at Sterling Cooper Draper Price. So we’ve devised a list of dating pros and cons about getting cozy with Mr. Draper.

Here goes

Don loves brunettes on the side¦
But he gets bored easily.

Don never kisses and tells about his infidelities around the Sterling Cooper watercooler¦
But he’s married with children.

Don owns a gorgeous blue & white Caddy Coupe de Ville…
But he drinks & drives.

Don’s rich¦
But he keeps his money in a locked drawer.

Don’s chivalrous¦
But he has a short temper. 

Don covers for his colleague’s newly discovered homosexuality¦
But he fires the same colleague for refusing a big client’s advances.

Don would run away to Paris on a moment’s notice¦
But the demons would follow.

Don’s tall, dark & handsome¦
But he’s hiding taller, darker & uglier secrets.

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