Andrew Koenig Dead in Stanley Park, Vancouver

The body of missing actor Andrew Koenig has been found in Stanley Park, Vancouver, 10 days after his disappearance. He was 41.

The actor best known for playing Boner on the eighties sitcom “Growing Pains” had been battling depression. His disappearance from his Los Angeles apartment February 16th sparked a frantic search, with numerous sightings of him in Vancouver reported before his death.

Koenig’s father Walter of the original “Star Trek” broke the news in an emotional Press Conference. “My son has taken his own life”, he said, with his wife by his side. The only other thing I want to sayI’ve already said what a great guy he was, and good human being — he was obviously in a lot of pain.” The conference comes just days after Koenig’s parents left a taping of Larry King Live unannounced, citing “personal reasons”. They had also made numerous statements in an attempt to establish contact with their missing son.


Koenig went on to issue a plea for those suffering depression to seek help. “If you can’t handle it anymore, you know, if you could learn anything from this, is that there are people out there who really care.”

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