Andre Leon Talley against “dreckitude”

So while many of us have jumped off the America’s Next Top Model bandwagon (the absence of Twiggy was far too much to bear), Tyra Banks seems to be doing everything in her power to keep us interested.  Case in point:  Recruiting famed fashion legend Andre Leon Talley as a judge for the upcoming season.  (Personally, I’d watch for the capes alone.)

And while ALT (we’re on a strictly abbreviation-only basis) will serve to boost ratings with his candid remarks and general fierceness (yes, the “f”-word is absolutely essential in this case), he’s not only bringing his general presence, but a brand new word – “drecktitude” – which he defines as “the lowest point in your lowest ebb . . . Drek is a total, total, total hot mess”.  Wow.  If it wasn’t coming from a force of the fashion industry, the only logical response would be to take a page out of the book of Regina George.  (“Stop trying to make ‘drek’ happen – it’s not going to happen.”)

However, coupled with his wardrobe, distinct presence and new and improved vocabulary, ALT also promises to lay down the law.  Maintaining that contestants should not be making excuses, the fashion lord went on to say that they “should take notes and say ‘thank you’.  That’s what I did.  In my day, you didn’t speak until spoken to.  You are the student, we are the teachers.”  (Like the Yoda of ANTM – but better dressed.)

And granted, he has a point.  One of the best aspects to the long-running series is the fact that the contestants and their general ignorance are a source of perpetual comic relief, and while Jay used to respond with occasional sass, I think audiences everywhere are longing for a judge willing to serve up a verbal lashing.  If not, it’ll be a case of total drek.

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