Is Lana Del Rey the Face of Versace?

Remember when everyone only talked about Lana Del Rey’s music? Well, the singer is making fast work of the fashion hierarchy, moving from H&M to the cover of Vogue to — MAYBE — Versace.

Vogue UK reports that there’s been online speculation about Lana Del Rey being the new face of Versace, according to tweets from accounts like @LanaDelReyWorld: “NEWS: After being the face of H&M and Jaguar, @LanaDelRey is now officially the face of the clothes label, #Versace. Photos will follow!”

Well if that’s not official, WHAT IS? (We kid.) But you can’t help but wonder if maybe a network like that was given the scoop through a leak — which is probable — or because they’ve earned it with their extensive Lana coverage. Either way, you heard it here first (kind of), and by that we mean the rumour OR about the hacking/false information given to the @LanaDelRey account.

Neither Lana Del Rey or Versace have commented on it, but more and more fashion outlets are reporting on the potential news, so what do YOU think? Is there weight to this speculation or are we all being had?

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