Ladies look out for each other

Good news, ladies “ we’ve embraced the concept of sisterhood and applied it to everything from moral support to nights out on the town.  A new study at Arizona State University has shown that women stick together when out at the bar “ especially if they’re drinking (so it looks like those lectures on the buddy system finally sank in).

The study “ that focused on college-aged women “ showed that women use three types of communication to keep their friends from making potentially dangerous situations when under the influence: the friendly reminder, trickery and confrontation.

Consisting of gently reminding their pals of the risks STI infection, pregnancy or the other negative consequences that can stem from a one-night stand equated the friendly reminder, while hiding keys or using other deception tactics to get a friend from the club to a cab makes up trickery.  While confrontation is relatively self-explanatory, subjects admitted to approaching their friend directly or physically removing them from a potentially volatile situation altogether.  (See?  Even after summer camp, strength in numbers still applies.)

So at the very least, Arizona State proved that regardless of how cute that guy at the bar may be, we’re not about to let our friends go into a situation we deem unsafe.  And to think we all thought sisterhood only applied to travelling pants and adolescence. 

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