Kristen Cavallari partied in high school

In publicity-driven news, The Hills star Kristen Cavallari admitted in a radio interview yesterday that while her alleged drug use is making headlines, she only ever used cocaine in high school.  (Oh, well that’s okay, then.  Because doesn’t everyone indulge in hard drugs before the age of 18?)

With her hard-partying ways making headlines – specifically her goings-on at music fest extraordinaire Coachella – Kristen finally stepped up and stated the following:  “Don’t you think it’s funny that Coachella was – what, three weeks ago? – and it’s just now coming out when [‘The Hills’] is premiering?  Don’t you think if it were true it would’ve come out after Coachella?  Someone would’ve been talking about it.”

Well, true.  As the reality actress (see what I did there?) is constantly being followed by paparazzi and making tabloid cover stories, any sort of “scandal” would’ve been posted immediately.  Few people would sit on such “shocking” information for up to three weeks.  Kristen went on to label cocaine a “shady disgusting drug” (understatement of the year goes to . . . ) and vowed her drug days are behind her.

Hm.  Not to be cynical, but haven’t most people used the “I did it in high school” excuse to cover up what they’re still doing? (Clearly not in regards to cocaine, but you get the idea.)  Are we going to find out in a tell-all that the Hills set was blanketed in drugs and all types of crazy?  Regardless, the moral of the story is that Kristen’s publicist is a genius – with this much attention on the star’s extracurricular activities, it looks like this season of the MTV reality series will be the most watched yet.

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