Kirsten Dunst Makes Her Movie Comeback

After several years on hiatus, Kirsten Dunst will be giving audiences more then just her acting skills to talk about when she’s back on the big screen. She will be making her comeback baring all in a steamy shower scene with Mr. Ryan Gosling in the upcoming film All Good Things.

After being out of the spotlight for some time”possibly due to her stint in a rehab facility treating an alcohol addiction” the Spider-Man hottie is back and better than ever.The film is inspired by the life of Robert Durst as it conveys the story of an heir to a New York real estate fortune and the life of him and his wife Kathleen”in this rendition they are known as David and Katie Marks”and is directed by Andrew Jarecki. It is known to be one of the most notorious missing person’s cases in New York City during the 1980’s where Durst was never tried for the killing of his wife and was not arrested. Just by watching the trailer the dark and twisted story comes to life and the duo will definitely send shockwaves through the theatre”Gosling plays a pretty creepy dude!!

This role echoes Dunst’s character Lux in The Virgin Suicides back in 1999 and reminds me of the complex personality she played in the movie. Back to 2010 where Dunst plays Katie a woman from a run down neighbourhood who falls in love and marries David Marks. She soon disappears and is never seen or head from again leaving her husband suspect to her whereabouts.

Aside from playing a creepy role Ryan was a perfect gentleman during filming (rumour has it that he gave Dunst a bouquet of flowers as an apology for dragging her by her gorgeous locks when they were filming a fight scene).

It visibly bothered him in the scene where he rips me up by my hair at my mother’s house, says Kirsten. It wasn’t like I was pulling against him or anything, so it didn’t hurt me. But he was so upset doing that that he sent me flowers the next day. So it was hard for him.

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