Katy Perry Announced as Brand New COVERGIRL!

CoverGirl has announced their newest COVERGIRL, and it is none other than international pop star, Katy Perry. Joining the ranks of Tyra Banks, and Queen Latifah, and Sofia Vergara, Katy's first cosmetics campaign will debut in spring 2014.


As a brand that values strength, confidence, and individuality, and believes in every woman's right to reinvent, improvise, and seize the beautiful moments in life, CoverGirl, is proud to have Katy Perry as part of it's family. “Never afraid to express emotion, strength, vulnerability or independence, Katy is the embodiment of a true COVERGIRL,” says Esi Eggleston Bracy, VP and General Manager of CoverGirl Cosmetics.


Katy's latest album, PRISM, drops October 22, and already has hits Roar, and Dark Horse, under its belt. “In addition to music, I've always considered makeup to be a powerful creative avenue of self expression for me,” Katy said of her collaboration with CoverGirl.


Katy is known for her ever-evolving style, her looks ranging from retro pin up girl, to space princess, to queen of the jungle. She is clearly not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to makeup inspiration. Her influence might bring out a more dramatic range of CoverGirl products, which would be a welcome addition, after more subdued looks from recent COVERGIRLs, such as Ellen Degeneres. 


We're excited to see what looks will ROAR out of Katy Perry's imagination. (Sorry, couldn't resist). 


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