Karl Lagerfeld Rumoured to Cameo on Gossip Girl

Not to further propel the rumour mill, but when Karl Lagerfeld was seen stepping out with Gossip Girl starlet Blake Lively at the Ritz Hotel the other night in Paris, we all gasped in hopes that the CW series may have a new favourite Uncle in town “ if you know what I mean. 

Nothing has been confirmed “ or even close “ but why on earth would Serena and Uncle Karl get their hangout on under the umbrella of Gossip Girl on location in Paris if something wasn’t up?  I mean, I’m sure they could be best friends or even fans of each other’s work, but really “ it’s Lagerfeld.  I doubt he dines with just anyone.

So after the wacky antics of the season finale (oh, Little J . . .), would anyone be shocked if they started recruiting the likes of fashion designers and freakishly big names in order to keep viewership up and people talking?  Anyone with a pulse would tune into the show to see Uncle Karl deliver his lines “ and if the wardrobe department can score some serious Chanel while they’re at it, this season might be bigger than all the rest.

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