Make Your First Kiss Sizzle

Courtesy of every rom-com and decades of pop songs, we grow up programmed to believe if your knees aren’t weak the first time your lips touch a new beau, then say goodbye to living happily ever after.

The first-lip lock is incredibly pivotal in embarking on a new relationship “ marking anniversaries, and it’s always included in the the day we just knew story “ but what if the first kiss falls a little short of magical “ there have to be some instances where it’s acceptable to hit teeth but willing to try for it one more time, right?

Under first-date pressure:
First dates (we can all agree) can be nothing short of cringe-worthy. The stars are out, he’s walking you home, you get to your door and he inevitably starts into the I had a really good time tonight. If this were the movies, the two lead rolls naturally both go in for the smooch. Life isn’t the movies. The result for us mortals is fancy footwork and the I want him to lean in, does she want me to lean in dance. If you both lean to the left and go in for the head butt instead of the kiss, don’t give up just yet “ laugh. If once you’ve established you both want it “ than give it a second shot. If round two doesn’t make the hair on your back rise “ you may have just taken a new friend, not a lover.

Under the influence:
If either party is partaking in any social lubrication during the night of the first make out session, there may not be any weak knees or fireworks. Try to refrain from a scenario that includes one last shot of tequila, you sucking face in the back of a bar, and later waking up terrified that he always goes that heavy on the salvia. The I-didn’t-even-know-my-name-last-night-tequila-drunk is grounds for a do-over.

Under someone else’s spell:
If you’ve just split from someone and you’re just getting back on the single scene, it’s natural to blame the kiss for why you felt nothing for this new, nice, really cute guy. Wake up and blame yourself. You likely didn’t have a good time playing tonsil hockey with the new player because you aren’t over the last season’s roster. The kiss chemistry meter could be high, but your ex-boyfriend blinders are so thick you missed it. Once you’re over the last one, feel free to re-visit the one that may have got away.

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