Joseph Gordon-Levitt Appointed the Newest Batman Villain

It’s official, everyone: nothing else matters aside from the following news. 

Word on the street is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has officially signed onto the Batman franchise, and will be portraying Alberto Falcone. (AKA “Who?” to anyone relatively unfamiliar with the comic book franchise aside from the Tim Burton original and the first Christopher Nolan film.)

The son of mob boss Carmine Falcone (major villain in Batman Begins), the film is another star-studded affair, with Oscar host Anne Hathaway set to play Catwoman, Christian Bale playing Batman and Tom Hardy portraying Bale (another villain and/or babe). Juno Temple is also rumoured to be playing a “street-wise Gotham girl”. (And if you don’t know who that is, watch Atonement, because a) it’s awesome and b) she does a great job.) 

So when can we expect this cinematic gem? Here’s hoping sometime in 2012 – but more than likely 2013. Since the casting’s only being solidified now, it’s safe to assume that it’ll take a while before we see the fruits of Christopher Nolan’s labour. (Though if The Dark Knight and/or Inception is any testimony, it’ll be 100 x worth the wait.)

Not only that, Christian Bale has revealed that he’d be willing to adopt “the voice” for a fourth film if Nolan was willing. And since Batman‘s finally cool again after the George Clooney-wearing-nipple-covers version of the mid-1990s, we’d like to think that the director extraordinaire won’t leave us deprived of a super-cool cape-wearing hero. (Superman doesn’t count.)

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