Jessica Simpson Talks About Turning 30

Jessica Simpson has been on a whirlwind for the last ten years. She got married, she got divorced, watched her singing career fall, got back in the dating game (in front of the whole world), and was the target of a lot of tabloid banter for her fluctuating weight. 

Now that she’s turned 30, she says she’s never been happier. She’s finally in a stable relationship with football star Eric Johnson, which is big factor in her current state of contentment. 

“He brings out a lot of light in me and makes me very comfortable being who I am. It’s nice to be with somebody who praises you for the right reasons,” she said. 

Jessica also said that when she turned 30, she took a step back to reassess her life. 

“I was in Capri and I was with my boyfriend and my family and my friends, and I just felt this coming-of-age moment, this moment where I really just felt the happiest I’ve ever been, and I love the woman inside of me,” Jessica told the audience at the Women’s Conference in Long Beach, California. 

She also addressed her recent weight issues with the conference host, Maria Shriver, telling her that she is an “emotional eater.”

“I’m not that much of a calorie counter, but I do think about it. I’m from Texas, so I love everything fried. I’ll give myself a cheat day every week,” she said. “I believe it’s important to not say, ‘I can’t have this.’ I think there’s ways to do things in moderation … you definitely have to eat things you love.”

And her ex-hubby? Well, seems that the two aren’t exactly friends. Jessica told USA Today that she and Eric were eating at the same restaurant as Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo, but the two did not speak. I guess their divorce was not a civil one. 

Also in attendance at the conference was First Lady, Michelle Obama and fashion icon, Victoria Beckham. 

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