Jenny Bird Launches Diffusion Line with Indigo

Exciting times are abounding: Canadian jewelry designer Jenny Bird has teamed up with Indigo to bring us the JENNY BIRD x Indigo diffusion line, which launches today (August 11).

Called Modern Pearl, the collection is targeted to and designed for “the feminine, fashionable woman” seeking an “edgy touch,” and will consist of 24 pieces and 14 different styles, which combine pearls with Bird’s signature chains.

Also — and importantly — it’s affordable: no piece is marked over $100, and each is modern and wearable with almost anything.

“When designing, I focused on women who exude a modern, feminine style like Cate Blanchett,” Bird described. “Then I asked myself, ‘What would Cate wear to Paris Fashion Week?'”

“I was given the inspiration of a ‘modern romantic’ from Indigo,” she continued. “It was such perfect timing with pearls having a moment in fashion jewelry, so I decided to explore blending my brand’s attitude with the sophistication of the pearl. The resulting pieces have this beautiful tension of edge and grace. I’m excited for Bird girls across Canada to discover the pieces and make them their own, and I’m thrilled that they can do that at such an accessible price point.”

It should be noted that this is also Indigo’s biggest style venture to date. You can pick up the collection online now, or at stores in the Toronto Eaton Centre, Indigo Bay & Bloor, and Indigo Granville as of August 31. Prices range from $24-$98, so namaste.

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