Jennifer Lawrence is a Victim of the Wage Gap

So I'm sure you guys have heard a lot about the hacked Sony emails. Mainly, that Sony heads tore Angelina Jolie to shreds, and that Channing Tatum's email contained no less than 6000 "hahahahas" (and was a pure delight to read). But now here's something to add to shit pile: Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams' inequal pay.

Yep! Turns out that even in Hollywood (LOL — I phrased it like we've never thought of Hollywood as a sexist place), sexism runs rampant, and the two actress' pay for last year's "American Hustle" is proof of that.

Despite winning a Golden Globe for her performance, J-Law and Adams both earned less than their costars. And not just like, a little less — like, Jennifer Lawrence only earned 5% of box office takings, Adams only earned 7%, and Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, and Christian Bale all walked away with 9%.


Even better: 9% is also what the director made, meaning that these dudes were earning as much as the guy who was responsible for the movie being made. (Even though anybody who saw "American Hustle" can attest to the fact that Lawrence and Adams were responsible for making it as interesting as it was.)

So what kind of fuckery is this?! Well, it's sadly very standard. (Like: hello, a problem women have had since they even started working.) Especially since other emails showed that the two co-presidents of Sony, who do the same work and have the same job, are separated by almost a whole million dollars. (Michael De Luca makes $2.4, while Hannah Minghella makes $1.5.) Cool!

Maybe we remember this the next time anyone starts arguing that we don't need feminism. Or women's rights. Or that equal pay is something that exists. And if Sony isn't delivering a goose made entirely of gold to Jennifer Lawrence's door as we speak, then may the odds be forever in their favour.

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