Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are Getting Hot and Heavy

Jennifer Aniston and her beau, Justin Theroux, are taking things to the next level in their relationship and they’ll be doing so at a brand new address.

Jennifer recently sold her Beverly Hills mansion for $38 million and needs to find a new place by the end of the month. She also has another place in Hollywood but leases that out. Both she and Justin have their own places in New York City, but Jennifer recently joked on Live with Regis and Kelly that her one bedroom condo was as big as a table.

One source told People that Jennifer and Justin are in fact looking for a place together, and they are hoping to find something in the greater Los Angeles area.  

It seems after Jennifer’s many failed Hollywood relationships, she doesn’t want to waste any more time. Let’s just hope she isn’t jumping the gun on this one. And who knows, maybe if all goes well for Jennifer and Justin, we’ll be saying ˜Brangelina who?’

Jennifer and Justin met on the set of Wanderlust, which opens in theaters in October. 

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