Janet Jackson About to Embark on Largest World Tour Ever

Janet Jackson has just announced that she will be heading out on a 35-city world tour, the biggest tour she’s ever done. The tour is set to take place sometime next year and will feature the songs from her Number 1 Hits album. 

But Ms. Jackson is doing a bit of crowd sourcing with this tour. She wants to know which cities want to see her the most. By heading to Janet’s official website, fans can actually vote for which city they want to see Janet perform in. And, it gets even better! The first person to vote from each city, with get a personally signed copy of her Number 1’s album and an autographed copy of her book, “True You.” 

But the buck doesn’t stop there folks. Oh know, Ms. Jackson wants to make this tour one to remember! In as many cities as possible, Janet will perform in smaller venues, providing a much more intimate setting for her fans. There are pros and cons to this though. A smaller venue will mean less people can attend and it will be MUCH harder to get tickets. However, it would be pretty amazing to Miss Nasty herself up close and personal. 

Each of the 35 cities she performs in will have one of her 35 Number 1 hits dedicated to them. And in every city she stops in, she wants to celebrate 20 young people who have positively impacted their community. So this isn’t only going to be the tour of the year (next the the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys joint tour of course!), but it’s going to be a tour with a positive message. 

Don’t worry Canada, you’ll have plenty of chances to spend some time at the Rhythm Nation. Of the available cities to vote for, the Canadian cities are Halifax, Nova Scotia; Montreal, Quebec; Toronto, Ontario; and Vancouver, British Columbia. 

If you want Janet to perform in your city of choice, you better head to www.janetjackson.com and start voting! 

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