James Franco checks into General Hospital

Soap opera aficionados you can breathe easy: the lovely James Franco will not be abandoning General Hospital anytime soon.  Or at least that’s what he implied when he revealed that his alter ego, Franco, will (possibly) return from the dead various times since nobody actually dies in soap land.  (Remember when he was nominated for acting awards?  What’s happening here?)

In fact, the plot thickens (literally).  James went on to explain that his character will exact revenge on his enemy, recreating a set of Port Charles to lure him to California so he can film the last moments of his life as the ultimate art piece.  (What?  Is this a thing?  Has someone been hired to play the dramatic organ circa 1942 in the meantime?)

The real question of the hour is: what’s actually going on here?  You may think this is just a fun tryst into TV land, but James has made it clear how important it actually is: I am probably more excited about this than most things I’ve done.

Really, James?  It beats Pineapple ExpressSpiderman?  That movie where you played James Dean?  Clearly, as long as he’s happy, we shouldn’t be judging.  But when you’ve gone from award-nominated to clearly the opposite, you’ve got to wonder just exactly what’s going on.

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