How to Watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The night has finally arrived! The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs tonight, even though it was taped forever ago. To get yourself ready, here are some easy ways to prepare for your night of viewing. Just select your mood and preferred method of watching and away you go.

The live-Tweeter

You don’t have cable and can only find crappy quality streams online, so you’re just following along on Twitter, trying not to let the FOMO get to you (this was me during that bat flip, btw, because of my “other job”). You’re on top of everyone’s tweets so that, come Wednesday morning, you can be a part of the office chatter and pretend like you actually watching the whole thing. Just make sure you get the hashtag (Hint: #VSFashionShow) right or everyone will call your bluff halfway through.


The unhappy onlooker

You’ve either gathered together all of the junk snacks in your neighbourhood or have warded off food all together (does lemon water have calories in it?) and have chosen to sit and stare at the screen in bitterness while you eat all the chips (me, most of the time) because being that fit is just never gonna happen, so might as well eat what you want while you still can cuz #yolo. Neither the chip nor the lemon water routes are good ideas (unless lemon water is part of your nighttime ritual, too, in which case, let’s talk because we’re spirit animals) because self-loathing is NOT HEALTHY, GUYS (saying this to myself).


The passive, but intrigued watcher

Like the live-Tweeter, you want to be a part of the Wednesday morning conversation but you’re not going to drop your regularly scheduled programming”that’s what commercials are for.

passive watcher

The aspiring strutter

You’ve got your highest pair of heels on, teeniest thong and sexiest bra and you’re walking up and down your apartment before/during commercials/after the show to Beyonce’s Crazy In Love because you’re going to be the next Gigi Hadid, so you’d better get your damn walk right.

woke up cute

The inspired watcher

You’ve googled all of the Angels’ trainers and fitness regimens or have purchased everything on the Victoria’s Secret website (even springing for rush shipping). One way or another, you’re becoming a damn Angel. You’re not coming at this from a bad place (because we know how hard the Angels work), but it still couldn’t hurt to play the part (especially if you have a gentleman caller in your midst).


The morning-after recapper

Ten pm is just waaaaaayyyy too late for you to be up on a Tuesday night (hasn’t CBS heard of Wednesday morning meetings?), so you’ll just check out all of the buzz the internet has to offer (like us) Wednesday morning (probably before your coworkers come in so you can partake in aforementioned conversation).

gossip girl

The overall enjoyer

You like Victoria’s Secret, you write or read about these models occasionally, you love the fashion, the talent and the sheer gorgeousness of the entire show. This is the biggest night of your year and no amount of early meetings is going to make you miss it.

Vs models

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