Holt Renfrew Debuts Exclusive Designer Accessories – for $50

Hot on the heels of Lanvin’s plans to collaborate with H & M comes news from Canada’s very own Holt Renfrew.  But this time, the collaboration isn’t limited to only one designer, as the iconic chain has just announced its plans to work with fellow Canadian brand Canada Goose – as well as the one and only Marc Jacobs.

On September 30, Holt Renfrew will be launching their exclusive partnership with Marc by Marc Jacobs and selling an exclusive limited editon tote bag ($48) with a portion of the proceeds going to Vision Spring, a non-profit organization that provides low-cost eyeglasses to those in need in the developing world.  (But worry not – you can reserve your own online at www.holtrenfrew.com beginning September 7, and choose your own colour and preferred store for pick-up, too.) 

And then just in time for Christmas, Canada Goose descends on the super-store in celebration of their commitment to environmental preservation. Available for a limited time, an exclusively designed Canada Goose toque will retail for $50 with a portion of the proceeds going to Polar Bears International – a non-profit organization dedicated to the worldwide preservation of polar bears and their habitats.  (Even more perfect for the holiday season.)

This collaboration is especially exciting since Holt Renfrew President Mark Derbyshire has shared his hopes that sales of the designer toque – available in either red or black – will contribute up to $100 000 for the esteemed organization.  Thus taking “giving back” to a whole new level.  (It is Christmas, after all.)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote, $48 each; Canada Goose Toque, $50 each

Marc Jacobs Tote



Canada Goose Hat



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