“Hold It Against Me” Release Date Announced

It’s happening, ladies: Britney Spears’ album has a release date, and after her dance-tastic debut single (“dance-tastic” is the only applicable adjective – after all, who hasn’t fist pumped and sang along to “Hold It Against Me?”), March 15 can’t come soon enough.

Sure, there’s a little bit of 1998 involved (who are we kidding – if 90s-themed parties are any inclination, that’s only a good thing), but when it comes to girls’ night out anthems, Brit-Brit’s still got it. Though rest assured it’s not only a release date her camp hinted at.

Taking to his Twitter, Britney’s manager Adam Leber announced some exciting news that only worked to remind us why at one point Ms. Spears was our princess of pop: “Britney Spears did a photoshoot for her album package yesterday. Photos nothing less than spectacular. . . . Britney fans should be excited. Album is incredible, video is fire, photoshoot is pure glam. Patience just isn’t a great song by Guns ‘n Roses. All good things to those who wait.” (But Adam Leber, don’t you get that we want it now?)

But at least we know spring 2011’s about to be branded with excellent dance tracks and an album that defines “getting ready with friends”, and between Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and Kanye’s promise of another album this summer, the next few months could be tailored specifically to shimmies, shakes and a reminder why pop music is so much fun. (Because let’s face it: if you’re not dancing to Britney, you’re doing the early 2000s a disservice.)

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