Helena Christensen Offers Advice

It is a week of impactful statements, so naturally, it makes sense to close this one with words from Helena Christensen, who opened her exhibition at Matchesfashion.com's No. 23 store in England yesterday.

"More and more, women have this invisible strength, and it's been spreading all over the planet," she said. "As women gain in strength, I sometimes feel that men get a little confused about where they stand. Now they just need a healthy push from us mentally, just to feel that it's okay to be emotional. Women have always been emotional and communicative with each other, and that's helped us. It's more difficult for men to express themselves, they internalize things, and it becomes an anxiety."

"It's not easy to be a human," she concluded.

That's absolutely right. Recognizing that being a human is difficult is a huge step in achieving equality — which is why Christensen's exhibition celebrates inspirational women. (The model-turned-photographer featured everybody from Julianne Moore to Carla Bruni, according to Vogue. Each subject was also clad in a sweater that read, "Iron Girl.")

"Being an Iron Girl is about allowing yourself to be yourself, and accepting who you are with all your faults," she explained. "Anyone who has confidence or great personal style comes from knowing who you are and not allowing yourself to be swayed by others."

Is there any way we could get Helena Christensen to offer daily motivational speeches we can watch when we're feeling less than iron? Because let's be honest: the woman is great.

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