Why Use Sulfate-Free Shampoos?

Sulfate-Free Shampoos have been popping up on the aisles of just about every store that sells beauty products lately.  The industry has finally caught on and is delivering more natural, sulfate-free hair products in droves.  So what is the benefit to using a sulfate free shampoo

Well, sulfates are grease-cutting detergents that strip oil and help soaps to lather.  They are extremely inexpensive and are also widely used in industrial de-greasing cleaners.  Common sulfates found in shampoo are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Myreth Sulfate.  Sulfates provide ample lather and leave hair feeling clean.  However, with the help of all the salt these chemicals contain, sulfates strip the natural healthy oils found in your hair and scalp.  This can lead to eczema, dry and itchy scalp and weakened hair follicles. Although recent claims that sulfates can cause cancer seem to be unfounded, these are just a few major drawbacks to using sulfates in your shampoo.  On an aesthetic note, sulfates can cause frizziness and weaken hair follicles, strip the hue and luster from colour-treated hair and reduce the longevity and effectiveness of keratin treatments like the Brazilian Blowout. 

Do you still want to use products with sulfates?  I didn’t think so.  To make the switch, here are some fantastic sulfate-free options from the aisles of your grocery store to your local salon.

The Supermarket Aisle:

L'Oreal EverPure Shampoo

L’Oreal:  L’Oreal’s EverPure line is a sulfate-free option that can be found in almost any grocery or drug store for around eleven bucks.  At such an affordable price, it’s worth a try.   Pureology is L’Oreal’s more expensive color care line.  It costs more at $30 to $45, but Pureology products are all purely vegan with natural sun protecting agents to boot. 

Alba Botanicals:  Alba Botanicals offers sulfate-free shampoos that deliver a delicious, tropical smell.  Their Tea Tree Shampoo is also a great product if you have extremely oily hair but want to avoid sulfates.  Find it on the supermarket aisles for around $10.

TIGI:  TIGI’s Rockaholic, Catwalk and Superstar lines are sulfate-free and always deliver manageable hair with ample volume and shine.  They can be found in most drugstores for around 16 bucks.

Salon Shelf:

 Bumble & Bumble Color-Minded Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Bumble & Bumble:  B&B has incredible products that smell great and never fail to produce silky hair that’s a breeze to style.  Try their Color-Minded Sulfate-Free Shampoo for $38.

Alterna:  Alterna is another fabulous go-to hair lines.  After consistent use, hair is always left silky, healthy, fragrant and effortless to style.  Further, Alterna’s eco-friendly products are ALL sulfate-free and always have been.   Alterna prices range from $25 to $35, depending on the product.

Aveda:  Some people find Aveda to have too much of a strong herbal scent, but all their products are naturally derived and sulfate-free.  In addition, their colour-enriching shampoos are fantastic for boosting colour and prolonging the time before your next trip to the salon.  A huge 1000ml bottle runs $48.50, but it will last forever!

When using a sulfate-free shampoo for the first time, keep in mind that the shampoo will not lather as much as a sulfate shampoo.  This doesn’t mean your hair is not getting clean enough.  The sulfate-free shampoo is just lacking the ingredient that produces excessive suds.  Try your sulfate-free shampoo consistently and enjoy the luster, rich colour and healthy locks you’re supposed to have.

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