Fox’s Franchise Finale

So while Transformers may be considered your typical alpha-male summer blockbuster, the next instalment has abandoned the stereotypical conventions by collecting the most eclectic and interesting cast in recent years, boasting the likes of Shia LaBeouf (obviously), Patrick Dempsey, John Malkovich and Frances McDormand “ but not Megan Fox.

Yes, it’s been confirmed that the original Transformers heroine will not be returning to the franchise, after Paramount Pictures confirmed to ET that the actress’ contract was not renewed.  (Maybe it has to do with Fox’s not-so-kind words for the prominent director?)

Not only that, but Shia’s character is said to be moving in a different direction “ which, while interesting (?), is basically the only logical progression since he certainly can’t pine after his (soon-to-be) lost love.  (So how are they going to go about approaching that?)

So the real question of the hour: after the ungodly sequel, will a fanbase be restored that won’t be immediately turned off by the lack of Fox on film?  And furthermore, who’s going to step up to romance Hollywood’s kind-of golden boy on-screen?

Though I don’t usually admit to such things, this may be a film I’m planning to see “ if only for the dynamic between Malkovich, McDormand and McDreamy.

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