For the Record, Cara Delevingne Hasn’t Totally Quit Fashion

Cara Delevingne is my friend, and this is the truth I’ve chosen to live (even if it isn’t actually true because she has no idea who I am). Anyway, this means it’s time to set the record straight: the model-turned-actress has not actually quit modelling. Despite, well, implying that she’d quit modelling.

Last month, the Paper Towns star left her agency, Storm Models (making it seem like she and the fashion world really had broken up), but in reality, she’s only left the catwalk. Campaigns are still on the table.

“I’m not stopping modelling, I’m not retiring, I’m just doing doing film for the time being,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “Careers change and you develop and get older. I still have very close relationships with the people I used to work with. Maybe I’ll do fashion sometimes, but at the moment I have no time to do anything.”

Valid! Which all makes sense. Do any of us do just one thing anymore? Do we not all have a billion interests and ways we want our careers to look? Exactly. So girlfriend can/will have it all. Because she’s my friend, and I believe in her. Remember?

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