Evangeline Lilly and Marion Cotillard Give Birth to Boys

Babies in spring are nothing new, so it only makes sense that in the past couple of days, two fashion darlings gave birth to mini-thems, bringing new meaning to “now let’s see how long it takes for them to look like they didn’t have kids at all!”

The first is Ms. Marion Cotillard, who gave birth to her son (with actor Guillaume Canet) on Thursday night, officially marking the little boy as an upcoming beacon of the Hollywood elite – especially since his name is Marcel (and that’s just awesome).

The second? Lost‘s Evangeline Lilly who at 31 had her first baby, also a little boy, whose name is not Marcel.

However, what’s interesting is that Lilly’s pregnancy was kept relatively under the radar (unlike Cotillard, who everyone very much knew was expecting a wee one), and was only pictured with a baby bump last month.

Evangeline’s baby-daddy is boyfriend Norman Kali (who was employed on Lost), and the two live in Hawaii.

But you know what makes this even better? The actress actually recently penned a children’s book, The Squickerwonkers, which officially makes her kid’s library way better than any of ours were.

Now, since everything happens in threes, who’s giving birth to a baby next?


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