Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling get Cozy in Paris

Rumors have been swirling since September that Ryan Gosling has a new woman in his life, and that woman happens to be none other than Eva Mendes. Neither bothered to confirm or deny the rumors, but actions certainly speak louder than words. The two were seen getting pretty cozy in Paris over the weekend.

“They were talking all the time so she had no hints that he was coming,” a source said. “She was really homesick and missed him, even though she practically just left to shoot.”

Gosling actually took a trip out to Paris to see Mendes, where she is filming her new movie, Holly Motors. Mendes took a day off to spend with her new beau and they decided to take a stroll around Pé¨re Lachaise Cemetery.

“They were holding hands and there was a lot of tenderness between them,” an on-looker said.

Gosling was also seen visiting Mendes onset of the movie the night before, during a late-night shoot.

While many of us are probably sulking that the very small possibility of someday meeting, falling in love and marrying Ryan Gosling just got smaller, I do have to admit that the two of them look pretty good together!

Do you think Gosling and Mendes are a match made in heaven, or will this be a short-lived fling?

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