Louis Vuitton Robbery In Paris

Hot on the heels of Marc Jacobs’ massive loss, Louis Vuitton is the second fashion house to suffer at the hands of thieves, with over £257 957 of merchandise being stolen from Paris airport Roissy-Charles de Gaulle on Friday.

However, unlike the mysterious Marc Jacobs train heist, this robbery was much more hands-on (and obvious) as five masked thieves held five employees hostage while they stocked up on ten skids worth of goods.

And the details end there. Like what happened with Jacobs, the situation remains draped in mystery as the thieves were somehow able to get away with ten skids of clothing and accessories without being stopped, seen or caught. (Which kind of makes you wonder: who’s really behind these?)

So you can’t help but wonder who’s next. Obviously fashion heists are the season’s biggest trend (sorry, we had to), and two major fashion house hits have to signal something more than just a whim. The 1920s are “back”, after all – so maybe coupled with the flailing economy, bootleggers have been replaced with fashion thieves.

Or maybe there’s just more money in designers. And more of a romantic premise.

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