Emma Watson Feels Sorry for Kate Middleton

We wish this could be the basis of an amazing celebrity feud, but upon Emma Watson‘s admission that she feels sorry for Kate Middleton, we could only agree.

In an interview with Press Association, the actress-formerly-known-as-Hermoine revealed her thoughts on the future queen (which we’re sure are echoed by anyone who’s seen the spectacular Kate and Wills fridge): “Poor girl. That must be an incredible amount of pressure. I hope she’s enjoying it. It must be intense.”

We assume so. After all, there’s already been a made-for-DVD film released and several lines of china adorned with Kate Middleton’s face. Add that to Kate’s recent admission that she’s “nervous” for the impending nuptials (and her disbelief that the big day was advancing “so soon”), and it’s all you can do not to curl up and weep at the thought of marrying into the Windsor clan.

However, in addition to her admission of non-jealousy, Emma has also recently commented on her decision to quit Brown University, explaining that she was “just going to be beating [herself] up because [she] wasn’t going to be able to be doing the best that [she] knew she could at school or in [her] job”, revealing also that if she did get Bs or Cs, she’s be “really upset”.

And to think that most freshman go through college uttering the mantra “Cs and Ds get degrees”.

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