Emma Stone’s Revlon Campaign Revealed

Since Boxing Day is the celebration of shopping and sales, Emma Stone’s Revlon campaign could not have been released at a better time.

Opening up about her pale complexion and skin type to Styleist, Emma Stone explained that the union was serendipitous, with Revlon approaching the actress and planting a seed in her mind.

“I was in my hotel and walked up to my room and into the bathroom,” she recalled. “I was looking at my makeup counter and I had the Colorstay foundation sitting near my sink, and I was like, ‘this is bizaare.’ Then I turned around and there was a Revlon hair dryer.”

I mean, this is what my Mom always used, this is how I was introduced to makeup,” Emma Stone continued. “It’s just always been my mom’s favourite brand, and then going back through the history with the Charlie girl and just how long it’s been around. It’s so iconic and and it really is just an incredible thing to be a part of.”

So what products are Emma Stone’s ads focusing on? Well, her trademark pink lips, for one. But Emma Stone’s a big fan of another Revlon staple that most of us are probably familiar with.

“A really, really fun element of working with Revlon is that they let you try out all of these product,” she gushed. “So you genuinely fall in love with some of them, and Grow Luscious [mascara] was the first one that I was kind of like, okay this one is not leaving me.”

Safe to say we’ve all been there.

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