Dove Tricks Women into Feeling More Beautiful

Dove has been dedicated to promoting a healthy self-image and proving that beauty really does come in many shapes and forms. In their latest ad campaign, the beauty brand held a social experiment to see if they could trick women into feeling more beautiful. 

The experiment had each of the participants wear what they were told was a beauty patch for two weeks. Before putting on the patch, each woman addressed their insecurities and their desire to feel more beautiful, not necessarily to actually change the way they look. Over the course of two weeks, all the women felt more confident and had changed the way they felt about their own beauty. 

"When a woman feels beautiful, she radiates happiness and confidence, which inspires her life in a significant way," said Dr. Ann Kearney-Cooke, the psychologist who led the experiment. "These women, like so many others, struggle to recognize their own beauty and it severely affects their daily lives. This ground-breaking experiment was designed to illustrate that beauty is a state of mind and that the power to feel beautiful comes from within."

It was certainly uplifting to see that women could feel more beautiful simply by wearing a fake beauty patch, but Dove missed one crucial point in their latest campaign. Did these women actually believe there was a patch that would make them feel more beautiful? The cynical side of me found Dove's campaign to be off-point, having portrayed these women as more than just a little gullible. On the other hand, however, beauty really is a state of mind and it was nice to see the women in the video find a boost in confidence and begin to see just how beautiful they all really are. 

Check out Dove's new campaign below. Do you think the video missed the mark or was the message uplifting? 

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