Did Chris Brown guest on Rihanna’s New Track?

Well let the controversy continue: after producers of Rihanna’s new track, “Birthday Cake” promised a “shocking” addition, it turns out that little +1 may be none other than Chris Brown.


With producers promising to release the Rihanna (and now Chris Brown) track this week, this will only add to the face-palms felt by everyone watching the Grammys – or more specifically Chris Brown’s Twitter, when he went on a rampage just a few days back. (The tweets have since been deleted.)

Saying haters could “hate all they want” because “he has a Grammy now” (plus a whole lot of other colourful language), Chris Brown seems to feel nothing for the situation that’s earned him so much negativity. But reports say that Rihanna has forgiven the singer, who pleaded guilty to assaulting her before the Grammys in 2009.

The choice to make the Chris Brown/Rihanna “comeback” song “Birthday Cake” makes even more sense after TMZ previously reported that Chris Brown was at Rihanna’s birthday party and asked guests to sign confidentiality agreements.

What a guy. It’s time for Rihanna to freeze him out already.

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