Christina Hendricks stands by her dress

Judging people on their red carpet choices is basically a national pasttime, but when it comes to comments on weight “ particularly if they’re untrue “ watch what you say.

Once upon a time (at the Golden Globes, to be specific), Mad Men‘s beloved Christina Hendricks wore a controversial ruffled dress that may not have been the first choice for some, but still suited the curvaceous beauty perfectly.  However, New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn took commentary one step too far, saying not pretty Christina Hendricks in Christian Siriano’s exploding ruffle dress.  (As one stylist said, ˜you don’t put a big girl in a big dress’.)

Yikes.  And for the record, yes, that is the sound of all of us glaring at the use of the word big to describe Christina Hendricks.

However, it turns out the photo Horyn was criticising was distorted, and the writer later offered a retraction.  But regardless of photo, apology or correction, Christina wasn’t amused.  In November’s Harper’s Bazaar, Ms. Hendricks went on to say:

To say something like that and put it next to a distorted picture discredits you immediately.  And it hurt my feelings.  I thought that dress was stunning.  I stand by it to this day . . . It’s a celebration, and I’m here because the show I work on is being recognized as excellent work . . . Let me go to the party and wear my pretty dress!

Cue: the sounds of applause.  Because frankly, if someone’s willing to comment negatively on Joan Harris’ fantastic physique, they’ve got a lot of explaining (read: apologizing) to do.

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