Cheryl Cole is Best Dressed

Nothing says springtime more than Glamor‘s Best Dressed Celebrities list (huh?), and in a shocking turn of events, X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole has cemented the top spot as the fashion forward leading lady.  (Am I alone in a) never having watched X-Factor and b) being slightly shocked at this decision?)

Rounding out the top five were Rhianna, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and Alexa Chung (all wise yet youthful choices), where the men’s list boasted Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson for their top pick.  Interesting.  While Cheryl undoubtedly dresses well, to have ranked over Alexa, Victoria Beckham or Beyonce is a little surprising “ especially since (and again, maybe it’s only me) most North Americans aren’t entirely well-acquainted with British reality television.  (Or perhaps this is simply the pre-cursor to the American version set to take TV by storm?)

In regards to the worst of the worst, Katie Price got top spot (who?) while Lady Gaga (she’s avant-garde, people), Ashley Greene, Rhianna and Cheryl Cole came in close behind.  . . . Wait, what?

Is it me, or do best and worst dressed lists instantly lose credibility the minute their top picks make the top five of the worst “ or when Lady Gaga makes the list solely because she refuses to succumb to the conventional?  Odd.  It can’t help but make you think that with society’s ever-expanding fashion taste, the days of fashion-listing are slowly coming to a close.

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