Chanel Jumps to Blake Lively’s Defence

What’s the fashion world without a little controversy? After an “insider” told the New York Daily News earlier this week that there’d been “internal grumblings” regarding Chanel’s choice to align themselves with current spokesperson Blake Lively, the label’s come forward to defend their girl.

(Evidently, the source claimed that selecting an All-American girl to reflect a brand synonymous with “the height of European sophistication” hasn’t made sales exactly soar. Da-rama.)

Cue: the design house’s response. Stating that “Blake’s spontaneity and fresh youthful image have convinced Chanel that she is the right person to represent the house and this range of bags”, the US press office has aligned itself with Uncle Karl who, as we all know, counts the Gossip Girl star as one of his favourites (in the world). The insider in question also admitted that Chanel “would literally fire anyone who admits” that they aren’t into the current face of Mademoiselle handbags – which is a relief, considering Ms. Lively has openly referred to this gig as her “dream job”. (And who can blame her?)

But the real question of the hour – and dare we ask – but does the face really make the brand? Sure, Keira Knightley’s recent commercials have added further awesomeness to the Chanel enterprise, but does anybody change their loyalty based on who’s representing who? Real talk. (But of course, we say that before the Jersey Shore cast align themselves with our favourite designers.)

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