Britney’s Back!

Not since the post-Kevin Federline/head-shaving freakout of the late 2000s were choruses of “Britney’s Back!” heard so loudly as they are now. But alas, the news is true: Britney Spears is scheduled to drop her new single, “Hold It Against Me” on January 7.

Sharon Dastur, program director for New York’s Z100 has revealed, “It’s produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin. And the best that they gave her is really unique compared to other artists – this infectious bass beat beneath the song. Plus, the hook is just amazing.”

Over 10 years since she first released ‘Baby One More Time’ (oh, to be young again), it goes without saying that while many thought the Circus singer had hung up her hat (get it? Top hat reference?), she seems to have returned yet again to a pop fanbase ready and waiting with open arms. The question remains: does she still have what it takes to appeal to a generation shaped by the likes of Gaga and Kanye? Or is this like the Backstreet Boys reunion tour in which most of us pined for the days of iced tips and Modrobe pants? (And hoped beyond hope no new material would be released ever again?)

But let’s be honest: if Madonna can open a line of gyms and advertise on Facebook for new collaborators (don’t get us started on that), surely the end is far from near in regards the career of Britney Spears – especially if hype over a single that barely anyone’s heard is bigger than when she released “Toxic”. (Right?)

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