Blake Lively for Chanel?

If you remember many moons ago, Blake Lively and Uncle Karl himself were seen getting their BFF on when the CW show was shooting in Paris. Now, it seems there’s a method to their madness – word on the street is that the Gossip Girl actress is set to become the new face of Chanel. (This in addition to the recent news that she’s allegedly dating Ryan Gosling. This girl is having a fantastic week).

Seen wearing the label repeatedly over the past year, Lively was reportedly photographed by Lagerfeld last month for a campaign, and if there’s truth to the rumour, the former pants-wearing girl (get it? Sisterhood of Travelling Pants? No?) will be joining the ranks of Keira Knightley, Georgia May Jagger, Audrey Tautou and Vanessa Paradis – the beauties also associated with all things Chanel.

So the real question of the hour is: really? Blake Lively’s a beautiful girl, but does she have the poise, elegance, sophistication and grace to front a line that’s seen as the Rolls-Royce of fashion? True, Gossip Girl is basically a walking closet (with an ill-fated plot), but does drama and nice clothes a spokeswoman make? Maybe she’s getting set to prove us all wrong – maybe Blake Lively’s about to out-do Nicole Kidman in her Chanel advertisement prime, or take on an Academy Award-winning role that puts her skills in The Town to shame. We shall see. After all, it’s just a rumour, right?

(You know you love me, xox … ah, forget it.)

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