Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode One

Sixteen beaming new houseguests moved into the completely made over steampunk-themed Big Brother Canada house in last night’s premiere, but instead of being greeted with a bottle of champagne, they found themselves in an empty house with nothing but a bucket of slop. As they wandered around the empty house like a pack of confused baby deer, we made our first impressions of each houseguest. With names like Sindy (with an ˜S’), Risha (short for Patricia), and Graig (that’s right, G-R-A-I-G), this season has me wondering if the casting was done based on unfortunate name spelling alone. Some of the colourful characters we met included:


A former major league baseball player from BC who said in his pre-interview that he had no idea what Big Brother was before his baseball buddies told him to audition, and that he’s hoping for some beautiful Canadian ladies to be in the house. If Graig is able to keep the spelling of his first name a secret, he has a real chance of going far in Big Brother, but if nothing else, his positive energy and endearing personality is sure to make him a favorite amongst the beautiful ladies of Canada.

A waitress whose cast bio states that at 41 years old and standing 61, this sensitive, statuesque beauty from Toronto is the complete package . I’m not sure if this is Risha’s Real Housewives tagline or just the best Twitter bio of all time, but that’s all I need to go off of to choose a favorite for the season. This sexy, self-proclaimed cougar with a heart of gold stands out amongst the other houseguests for more than just her¦height. The only problem is that Risha has so much to offer the show that she’s likely to intimidate the younger contestants in the house and could get picked off early on.


A former university student who is taking some time off to evaluate where she’s going and what better place to do that than on a reality show. Ashleigh said that her strategy is to play the sexy role, as we watched her show off her skills riding a mechanical bull at a bar. But don’t think that being sexy is all there is to Ashleigh, oh no, she’s got a secret weapon, and that’s being goofy. That’s right, Ashleigh says she’s both goofy and sexy.  That means that even Ashleigh can fall off the mechanical bull from time to time. Look out houseguests, Ashleigh is complicated.

Bobby, or Fun Bobby as his friends call him, is a rock-climbing instructor who describes himself as fun, outgoing, and crazy. Fun Bobby looks like he could be a real physical contender this season, but maybe that’s just because he’s the spitting image of Emmett from season 1.  Not to mention, with a name like Fun Bobby, he’s sure to have a strong social game. At 27 years old, Fun Bobby is hoping to win the money so that he can finally move out of his parent’s basement in Oakville O.N. No, that’s not a punch line.

Big Brother Canada Season 3 Houseguests

After introductions, Arisa finally addressed the empty house situation to the houseguests, telling them that all of their furniture and personal belongings were locked up in an enormous vault, and that in order to get it they would have to earn it.  Then, in another twist, instead of having an HOH competition, the houseguests were informed that they would all be HOH for the week and would have to vote on who to nominate for eviction based on first impressions alone. We knew our girl Risha was doomed from the moment she came through the Big Brother doors in a sexy plunging neckline power suit that would give JLO’s cleavage a run for her money. Sure enough, the house put her straight up on the block next to beauty queen Sindy (that’s what you get for introducing yourself as Sindy with an ˜S’).

Then, the nominated contestants, along with four other randomly selected houseguests (Bobby, Naeha, Kevin, and Zach) went on to compete in a physical POV challenge where we watched them flop around on top of each other on some type of bouncy net like an episode of Deadliest Catch, but with less clothing. While this should have been a clear shot for either Sindy or Risha, Kevin chose not to hold back and dominated the competition until out of nowhere, Sindy came in and cracked the code to win, I mean, duh, she watches spy movies.  Poor Risha fought her hardest, but just didn’t have the steam to win. Sindy with an ˜S’ used the veto on herself, which meant she got to name Dartmouth Nova Scotia’s Pilar as a replacement nominee. This means that either Risha or Pilar will be going home this week.

BUT! There is hope for #QueenRisha. For the first Twistos Twist of the season, Arisa announced that Canada holds the power to evict this week. Canada has 24 hours to decide who will go home by casting their vote at HERE. Big Brother Canada has blessed us yet again!


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