Barbies, cocktails and nail polish

You’ve got your martinis, vintage clutches and Sunday nights at 10 pm.  So what will make your Mad Men experience even better?  (Awesome product alert.)  Clearly, nail polishes inspired by the show.

In addition to her line for QVC and working around the clock to fashion the cast for the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series, costume designer Janie Bryant has teamed up with Nailtini to concoct four limited edition nail lacquers for autumn.  And while you’d think they’d be inspired by the looks of Peggy, Joan, Betty and . . . Don (?), the designer extraordinaire has gotten inspired by fabrics of the 1960s instead: velvets, satins and lamé©s.

Contrary to popular belief, the shades were not fashioned after the former Mrs. Draper’s bright dresses and bold lipsticks, but instead inspired by autumn colours like gold, brown, platinum and Bourbon Satin.  Founder of Nailtini, Michelle Toma Olson, has already announced her hopes for a spring collection as well, but before the snow falls and melts once more, the fall colours will be available for $14 at CVS’ Beauty 360 and Duane Reade’s Look stores (so it looks like a road trip to the states is necessary).

Clothing, Barbie dolls and now nail colour, Mad Men has fully infiltrated fashion as we know it.  Now the real question of the hour: when will 60s music come back?

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