‘Bachelor Pad’ Drama Unfolds

Considering Bachelor Pad is dripping with unnecessary melodrama and terrible decision-making, should any of us be surprised that a contestant was eliminated because he got involved with a female producer on the show? … Wait, WHAT?

According to contestant Craig Robinson (who TV Guide accurately describes as “the big lug who failed to woo Ali Fedotowsky”), he was “pursued” by producer Karri-Leigh Mastrangelo – who’s married with kids. 

He explains to The Star, “It was sort of like workplace sexual harassment. I realized that if I rejected her advances, I’d probably ruin my chances to be on Bachelor Pad. She kind of lost her mind. She sent me a lot of messages saying she was in love with me and could see a future between us.”

She then apparently “texted [him] several photos, a couple in really racy lingerie – pushing her boobs up – and one in a dominatrix outfit.”


It was after this ‘pressure’ that Robinson subsequently made out with his superior, thus losing his spot on the show – and she, her marriage.

So first things first: let’s not devalue the inappropriateness of workplace sexual harassment – regardless of gender. But while there’s definitely an ick-factor (to say the least) involved in being relentlessly pursued by someone you’ve attempted to reject (who’s married, no less – uncool, Mastrangelo), there’s also an ick-factor in spilling the details of racy photographs to an international publication.

Dare we say he was on reality television for a reason? (…Too far?)

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