The Bachelor, Season 18, Episode 10 Recap: The Women Tell All

The Women Tell All episode is arguably one of the most entertaining, letting the Bachelorettes that were kicked off go at each other and then Juan Pablo. Before reintroducing all of the ladies, Chris sat down quickly with newlyweds Sean and Catherine, who divulged a little bit about their highly anticpated wedding night (the words "quick fireworks" were actually used) and their honeymoon. After gushing about their love for one another, it was time to hear what the 25 rejected Bachelorettes had to say. 

Jumping right in, the girls started explaining how they felt about Juan Pablo. All of them admitting that he was pretty hot and there's no denying how sexy that accent can be, Andi explained that the looks did fade and she left with a pretty different opinion of him, which seemed to be a recurring theme among the ladies. Renee had a very different experience, admitting that she had great conversations with Juan Pablo, but it was always about their kids. Some of the other girls jumped in saying that Renee would often come back from her dates with Juan Pablo being a little unsure about their relationship because their conversations never went past their kids and that concerned her. 

When Lauren started explaining that Juan Pablo never listened to her, asking the same questions more than once and not really paying attention (or caring) what she had to say and that deterred her feelings for him. Kelly attacked Lauren saying that she was a totally different person in the house than in front of everyone else because she was overly emotional after every encounter with Juan Pablo. Frankly, we just missed Kelly's smart mouth and are so happy to have another two hours with her. Andi admitted that she did think Juan Pablo did go on the show to find someone, but his version of finding someone is very different from the girls who (most of them) were truly there to find a husband. 

Chris asked the girls if any of them knew about the late-night ocean rendevous between Clare and Juan Pablo and they all agreed they'd been shocked when they found out, but found it less disrespectful than when Clare and JP snuck off into the hot tub during the date. While obviously some of the girls there didn't particularly like Clare, they all admitted that JP could have handled the situation with Clare a lot better and most of them even felt that he used his daughter as an excuse to get out of sticky situations more than once. 

Afterwards, Chris brought Sharleen up to the hot seat to find out why she left Juan Pablo and what she was really thinking throughout her emotional rollercoaster with him. Taking a tour of her time on the show, Sharleen became a bit emotional and said that she said goodbye because she knew "he wasn't the one" and then Chris reminded her of the time she said "I wish I was dumber." While she said she did have feelings for him though he wasn't the one, she generally had a good experience with Juan Pablo and didn't want to hurt him. Even for viewers it was very obvious how much JP liked Sharleen, depsite the distance she often kept between them (okay, maybe not that much distance since they kissed like every episode…).

Next up, Chris chatted a bit more with Renee and while she did say she had those loving feelings for Juan Pablo, her inability to get the words out at the hometown dates was probably for the best given what happened the following week. Chris asked if she thought saying those three little words would have changed anything, and she conceded that it wouldn't have because that's how she felt, not him. Then, the single mommy blushingly admitted she's in a "situation" but is happy and didn't want to jinx it since it's still pretty new. Good for you, Renee!!

And then… Andi started talking. Her bottom line was that even though she did think he was hot at the beginning of the show and had the butterflies and all the feely feels, that night in the fantasy suite, everything changed for her and it started with how self-involved he was and said she thought that JP felt he was one of the best Bachelors. In addition to his incessant name dropping and overall negativity about the whole Bachelor process, when he mentioned that he'd already had his overnight date with Clare and that Andi "barely" made it to the top three, Andi said she mentally checked out and just went to sleep with plans to leave as soon as the morning came. While Andi does know that JP is having dates with other girls, it is pretty mean (and totally a guy thing) to mention that he already had an overnight date with the most free-wheeling gal on the show (a big no no), but to say that she barely made it there? That's just cruel. But, I guess esss hokay in the end because Andi is still on the lookout, though not in a "situation" of her own just yet. 

Then Juan Pablo came out to defend his honour as The Bachelor. After hearing what some of the girls had to say, Cassandra attacked him a bit saying that if he had really respected Renee and didn't want to go too far with her for fear of hurting her and her son Ben, then he shouldn't have gone to her hometown and met them. At one point Andi even defended him saying that he did see Cassandra and Renee differently because of their situation and was good at upholding his end by sending Cassandra home the second he realized it wasn't going to be her (even if it was her birthday).

Kelly confronted Juan Pablo about his alleged homophobic comments, saying that as a child of homosexual parents, she was incredibly offended by it. His reply was that his words were taken out of context and he didn't use the right words, to which Victoria's crazy began showing and she said that he needs to stop using his English as a second language as a copout for saying offensive things. Sharleen came to JP's rescue saying that in some of their conversations they discussed equality and that Juan Pablo was very open-minded and not at all homophobic and believed him when he said it was taken out of context. 

Frankly, Juan Pablo got off very easy and if the biggest complain about him was that he didn't listen to them and only wanted to talk about himself? Well, you can sort of just chalk that up to a bad date and move on. While we're still unsure of how genuine he really is about finding a wife (especially after hearing some spoilers of who he really ends up with after the show), he didn't get reemed out as much as we thought he would, especially after the whole altercation with Andi. Perhaps producers made the whole fantasty suite nightmare seem worse than it was? Or maybe Andi just let him off easy. In any case, sometime last week Andi tweeted a picture of Kelly rubbing her eyebrow (é  la JP right after the fantasy suite) and it was captioned "Eesss hokay" but took it down after some Juan Pablo fans called her mean for making fun of his accent (we don't think it was so much his accent as his whole way of dealing with problems that she was poking fun at, but anyway). 

Afterwards came the blooper reel. With some shots of Kelly's dog Molly peeing in the pool, JP getting scared by a huge rat, saying he wants people to "accept him and his little package" (but really meaning his little family not his…package) and then the many instances of him saying "Eeeesss hokay," it gave us a good giggle and broke up some of the tension that seemed to be peeking through. In a sneak peek of next week's finale, there seem to be lots more kissing, some crying and a very sparkly ring that will end up on someone's finger. 

Stay tuned for the recap of next week's finale and the After the Final Rose! 

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