Bachelor Canada, Season 2, Episode 9 Recap: And Then There Were Two

We’re down to the final two ladies vying for Tim’s heart—Trish and April. And just to keep us hanging on for a litttttle longer, the finale is split into two parts, so we’ll all have to wait another seven whole days to find out who he picks.

Starting his last few dates off on the right foot, Tim took Trish and April to Tahiti where they’ll meet his parents and he’ll have to dig deep to see which gal is The One. Meeting Trish for their sex fantasy date with two horses and his winning smile, Trish met him with a big smooch. They went on a little ride and even though Trish’s horse wasn’t totally following direction, Trish was a good sport. After their horseback ride, they stopped for a strategically placed champagne picnic where they talked about her hometown date and Tim really opened up about his feelings for her. After some more kissing, they went off for a romantic (and freaking GORGEOUS) dinner with a glaring envelope asking them if they’d like to share the suite for the night. And because how could you NOT want to spend the night with Tim, Trish ooooooobviously said yes to sharing an ah-mahzing suite over the water.

But even though he had an awesome night with Trish, he still had to take April out for her fantasy date. And though there may have been some intentions and hopes for the night ahead, Tim’s main objective to see if April was ready to trust him and go all in. They took a ride out on a yacht for a day of swimming and smooching while Tim tried to pick her brain about where she’s at with their relationship and if she’s ready to make a real commitment to him. Even though April was scared of heights, Tim asked her to trust him by jumping off the yacht into the water (frankly, jumping into the water in a tube top bikini is braver than the whole height thing, but whatever) and she did and they did some serious making out in a real life postcard (also prompting us to look up trips to Tahiti on commercials). After April’s mini leap of faith, her and Tim sat down to a sunset dinner where Tim tried to find out if she was ready to take an even bigger leap of faith in him. Tim asked her point blank if she was ready for a possible proposal and her response wasn’t necessarily the most comforting, and the bottom line was that she’s really scared. Tim gave her the fantasy suite envelope and surprisingly, even though it seemed like she wanted Tim to make all of the decisions for them both, she accepted, explaining that if she is going to accept a proposal from him, she needs to spend some more time with him now.

After the overnight dates had come and gone (no pun intended—okay maybe a little), it was time for Trish and April to meet the parents. First up was Trish who was already dazzling pops with her sense of humour while mom was just taking it all in until she asked to speak to Trish alone. And mom was NOT messing around, wipping out a legit list of questions (makes my MIL look a helluva lot saner all of a sudden). After some interrogation, Trish seemed to impress his mom with her charm (she really is so sweet) and her genuine answers. Trish was absolutely giddy after her meet-the-parents moment and Tim seemed to just fall for her all over again (calling it—Tim picks Trish).

Next up was April, whose generally nervous nature was already setting the tone for disaster. Feeling overwhelmed with the whole process, April went in feeling nervous and uneasy about making a commitment and answering heavy questions from her potential future inlaws. As soon as Tim and April walked in, his parents sensed her reservations and that Tim was really taking the lead and pushing her to trust him. April was having a reeeeeeally hard time (a painfully hard time) answering dad’s questions—even the easy ones like “what do you find attractive about Tim?” UMMMMMM…. HIS EYES? HIS SMILE? HIS BODY? Mama Warmels took April out for a few moments alone and she seemed to be a bit better and putting together full sentences, but she left feeling even more overwhelmed than when she met them.

After meeting both ladies, Tim chatted with his parents to try and find out their sense of who a better fit is for him. They were a little vague with their answer, stating pros and cons for both ladies, but it seemed to us that there may have been a stronger candidate leaving those future daughter-in-law interviews.

April was having a full on breakdown from her time with Tim’s parents and with how fast everything was moving along, feeling the pressure to speed up her relationship. Tim went to see April and make sure she was doing okay and it was pretty apparent she was already pulling away from Tim. He was trying so so hard to comfort her, but she was kind of inconsolable and couldn’t collect her thoughts long enough to talk anything out. Tim was THE most patient guy in the world…

…But not as patient as us devoted viewers who have to wait a whole damn week for the real season finale to see who Tim picks. Stay tuned for our full recap next week!

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