Bachelor Brad Womack is Back

Remember the time Bachelor fans across the world were united in hate for the wishy-washy and eye-roll inducing contestant Brad Womack?  (You know “ the guy who opted out of choosing anyone at all?)  Well, adopt your most painful expressions and treat yourselves to a whole season of throwing food at the TV: Womack is back, and this time he’s a different Brad than the one you knew years ago.  (Translation?  The man’s landed himself one hell of a manager.)

After undergoing intense therapy and embarking on quite a painful journey of self-awareness, Womack told Ellen Degeneres recently that during his first go on the series, he was suffering from commitment issues and didn’t give the season his all.

Really, Brad?  Or did you just succeed in milking reality TV for all its worth and having the last laugh with your new and improved comeback?  (Not that anyone here’s bitter.)

But don’t worry “ the new Bachelor hasn’t learned from his previous mistakes (or the statistics of his predecessors), having gone on to also tell Ellen I believe it can work.  I don’t care if people call me an idiot or don’t believe those words coming out of my mouth. 

So here are 25 to 30 women that I never, ever would meet in regular life, and clearly I’m doing something wrong.  I’m still single.  So why not?  I really do believe that this can work.

Can you wait till the season premiere or have you already started throwing food at your computer screen? The Bachelor premieres in January 2011.

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