Ashley Olsen Engaged?

Ashley Olsen may be tying the knot sooner then we think as hubby Justin Bartha has been spotted in jewellery stores looking for engagement rings. The 32 year-old actor is best known for his stint in The Hangover and has been the boyfriend of Olsen for about two years. He’s been seen around the city looking at rings for his potential bride to be and after a few years of couple-dom hopefully she says yes.

We all remember the sweet face of Michelle Tanner and since the days of Full House Ashley has moved on from a child star to fashion mogul. Marriage would no doubt be the next step in this scenario as she is successful in her career. Sources told US Weekly that Bartha is in love and is just waiting for the right time. I sure hope he is since Justin has already popped the question to Ashley once before just hopefully this time she says yes.

Friends of Olsen also told USWeekly that the couple is a perfect match because they’re so alike. They continue to state that Ashley is the more centered twin as well as Bartha a centered person so they mix well together.

The same source went on to comment that a fearful experience could have nudged these two in the right direction”in terms of holy matrimony that is. On a recent flight to L.A. their place had to turn back and land in D.C. because of an electrical fire. Nothing like a good old scare tactic to whip a couple into wedding bliss.

Rumours have it that the couple will stick to a low key intimate affair so keep a heads up as we may hear wedding bells in the future.  

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