Angelina Jolie: Actress Turned Politician?

Angelina Jolie is considering a career in politics. It's really no surprise, considering her involvement with the UN. The actress recently said that she actually feels more comfortable behind the camera, but this week she's revealed that her career may move away from film altogether. 

Jolie told British reporters that she has a strong desire to make a difference in the world, which is why she is so involved in the UN.

"I've always gone where I thought I was needed and when I was working with the UN I was working in the field," she said. "I felt I was needed in the field. Then I realized I was only so useful in the field because then somebody had to go to Washington and plead the case, so then I would do that. I don't know what that means or where that will lead me."

She added that she would consider a career in politics if she felt she "could really make a difference." 

When speaking about international issues, Jolie says many of the world's problems can be attributed to a lack of good leadership. 

"We have overall a failing of international leadership when we have 51 million people displaced from conflict, more people displaced than since after World War II, when we have completely open-ended conflicts, when we have crises like Syria," she said. "We seem to be completely unable to handle it and make ground and help all of the people who are starving and dying at the moment — I think clearly if you look around the world you can say that we simply are not doing enough."

However, it seems politics isn't quite on Jolie's mind just yet. Following the interview, she walked the red carpet in London to premiere her directorial debut in Unbroken, a film based during World War II about an Olympian who gets stuck at sea before being captured by the Japanese Navy. 

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