Andrej Pejic To Make Big Screen Debut

After having a song recently written about him, it-model Andrej Pejic is considering tackling the big screen.

Potentially set to take the lead in French director Florence Dewavrin’s film version of Honore de Balzac’s Seraphita, Andrej Pejic is reportedly in major demand. (And who can blame anyone?)

According to Vogue UK, Seraphita revolves around “an androgynous beauty” loved by both sexes, and was written in France in 1834. Naturally, Andrej Pejic would be perfect for the lead.

“He’s a phenomenon, that’s for sure,” said Andrej Pejic’s Paris agent, Arnand Vanbleus. “And he’s unique and there is only one. Everyone wants to have him. But the thing usually is, they either just don’t have the budget or we’re not interested in the project.” (So logic, then?)

Regardless, if Andrej Pejic takes to the big screen turn, it could mean even bigger things for the model considered to have the prowess of a young David Bowie (and not just because of the cheekbones). And with such a controversial film role, there’s potential to make a new place in Hollywood for the young star.

Provided the film is actually good, of course.

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